The Meat Locker

The Meat Locker is the FMC’s very own charcuterie curing chamber.

Current conditions (reload page to update image):

The meat locker is a digitally-engineered precisely tuned climate-controlled environment for fermenting and drying meat.  It is located in a highly-guarded, possibly underground, cleverly camouflaged, thermonuclear-hardened top-secret facility.  Or maybe it’s on a big jet airliner, enjoying martinis in business class, constantly circling the globe by virtue of mid-air refueling technology.  We’d tell you exactly where it is, but then we’d have to…

NOTE: IF you see that the “current conditions” are well outside the listed target range at any time, PLEASE notify an FMC administrator ASAP.  Within moments, a specially-trained FMC tactical team will be dispatched to the control room to remedy the situation.

The Meat Locker is available to all FMC members for projects ranging from chorizo to salami, pancetta to prociutto.  If you’d like ideas, check out a book from the “Charcuterie” section of the FMC library.

The live video feed of the temperature and humidity inside the chamber can be monitored continuously in real time by reloading this page.


  1. Pancetta
  2. Spanish chorizo

One Response to “The Meat Locker”

  1. thatgirl December 14, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    and here i sit, eating an apple. somehow the smoky essence of chorizo seems a more appropriate autumnal symbol.

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