The details

Here’s how we roll:

Each dinner is a (more or less) 8-course tasting menu with paired beverages for 8 people (more or less), prepped, cooked, served, and eaten by the same 8 (more or less).  Each diner is responsible for prepping, cooking, and plating a single course+paired beverage.  We like to introduce a certain amount of chance, adventure and intrigue into each meal.  Depending on the theme chosen, the drawings for the sequence of courses and assignments are completely random, and there is potentially no continuity between courses.  Sometimes the dishes can be a complete surprise, and if necessary, we can combine plates, or change the sequence of courses as appropriate the  night of the meal.  Please let everyone know when you sign up for an event if you have any food allergy or phobias — we can’t promise a gluten free, vegan meal, but we can certainly avoid brussel sprouts if we have to.

Most collective members know their way around a kitchen, but not all.  No worries, there’s plenty of expertise on hand to help and advise.  Even those who have some experience walk away from these meals usually having learned something new.  Please don’t be intimidated, this isn’t a competition… we all just wanna eat well, and we’ll do what it takes to facilitate a fantastic meal, even if that means coaching someone how to shuck an oyster or how to roll a pie crust for the first time.  Come with an idea, maybe a recipe, some quality ingredients, and watch the magic happen.

Here are some thoughts to provide a bit more guidance:

  • The AdventureLoft™ officially opens for prep by 5:00pm (earlier works too), cocktail hour (with snacks) is from 6:30-7:30, and we aim to serve the appetizer course between 7:30-8pm.
  • We break between courses here and there to continue to prep, wash plates, reset the table, and stretch.
  • The meals usually last at least 5 hours with alternating waves of prepping, cooking, eating (and drinking) together at a VERY relaxed pace.
  • Course sequence order and inspiration assignments can be traded if agreed to by both parties.
  • People with sequentially assigned courses can collaborate to plate their dish together (ie. main + side), if they like.
  • The dish cooked and presented should NOT be something from your usual cooking repertoire… how far out of your comfort zone you go is up to you.
  • The theme is just a guide, for inspiration only.  Don’t stress if don’t think your dish has anything to do with the theme.  We can be pretty creative at finding the connection.
  • Plan on serving fancy-restaurant or tapas-sized portions, otherwise eight courses is gonna be way too much food.
  • Prep as much or as little as you like in advance; the kitchen is pretty well appointed with pots, pans, knives, bowls, etc, but if you need anything specific like a meat grinder (have), or liquid nitrogen (don’t have), just ask.
  • We also have plenty of staple ingredients — dried spices, flour, olive oil, eggs, butter, etc. Check the “Batterie de cuisine” page or ask.
  • Please contact us (jdavidar or francineo1) so you don’t need to buy / bring something we already have.  Also, if you want to email us a shopping list, we’re usually picking things up during the day of the dinner.
  • Any last-minute or forgotten ingredients are (usually) easily obtained within walking distance (even between courses ;)).
  • If anyone needs help prepping or cooking or plating, there are plenty of capable hands available.
  • Everyone not prepping, cooking, or plating their own course, typically pitches in to help others prep, do some dishes, wash some glasses, and reset the table between courses.
  • If your paired beverage is wine, one bottle should suffice, we’re generally pouring “flight”-sized portions — besides, there are always plenty of house beverages available to fill in any gaps.
  • Extra, between-course amuse bouches (either to eat or to drink) are open season, welcome, and encouraged.
  • If you need special plates / bowls for serving, let me know — if we don’t have it, we’ll usually be able get it, or MacGuyver something.

You can expect to have some of the most fun prepping, cooking and eating some of the best food and drink that you’ve had in a good long time.

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  1. thatgirl January 17, 2011 at 7:33 pm #

    i’m in. let’s dialogue, cook and write already.

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