Welcome to summer

30 Jun

Hello Feed Me Collective.  It’s been a while, and frankly, we’re getting hungry.  It’s almost July, and people have either scattered to the Hamptons, or are quagmired in The City.  We’ve been traveling some, but are hunkered down now for the duration.  Delerious from the heat, we’re brainstorming an upcoming FMC event… stay tuned.

In other news, The FMC has invested in an intriguing Kickstarter project that promises to bring sous vide to the masses.  Well, to those with limited kitchen acreage, anyway.  The idea is the Nomiku, and we’ve slapped down 3 Benjamins to reserve a unit from the first production run.  Delivery is slated for December… right in time for next season.

And yes:  We have been remiss is posting the Color Theory dinner photos and menu.  A quick update, Richard M’s sabbatical book project should have been submitted, from what I’ve heard it’s awesome, and we will all be famous when it’s published.


Hey there —

8 Apr

In the event that any FMC members don’t have anything better to do today, you’re welcome to swing by the ADVentureLoft™ for egg painting and easter brunch.

Yea, it's spring!

As you can imagine, we take both quite seriously.

Artists at work

No one goes home hungry 😉

That's paleo, man.

Anytime after 11a – until, well, whenever.

Episode #10: The Oscars

5 Apr

Hi Folks… I know this is long over due.  Life has been a little crazy in our world.  I would love to have an FMC this month (April)  before we  change seasons but Im not sure that will happen before summer is in full swing.  Aside from that, we have had a few great foodie series that I hope everyone will enjoy.  Here are the going ons…..

February theme….the Oscars.  Create a dish as a spin off from a film of your choice.

Let me introduce you to some new players….

Andy and Tina

Andy was responsible for snacks and cocktails.  He started off the evening presenting us with a golden oscar award of salmon mousse covered with sesame seeds upon a base of paté.

And for those trashy films that never made it to the oscars; well, they received Oscar the Grouch consisting of polenta topped with dates, black olives, and a little red pepper

The cocktail consisted of punch ginger ale made with simple syrup, absinth, and hand squeezed calamondin juice from a tree that Andy and Tina have growing in their apartment.

The evening was off to a great start.

Next up…Lisa with appetizers.

Lisa worked off the film Julie and Julia and made an amazing gougéres, parmigiano puffed pastry.  This is Julia Child’s recipe Lisa always wanted to try.  She paired the gougére with an Ina Garten tomato-basal soup.

The beverage was a chilled Cava.

Julia Child would have been proud.  The gougéres were delicious……and so was the soup

For the table, instead of bread, JDavid made Soylent Green crackers with spinach and spirulina.  (Check out the clip — I think he got the color just right.

Tastes like grandmas!

Next, Alicia made a soup dish consisting of tea-smoked duck over rice noodles.  The idea was conjured up by combining two movies; Marx brothers’ 1933 movie Duck Soup

and the film Enter the Dragon representing the Chinese year of the dragon.

Paired with a glass of sake.

Our first main course was a tribute to every zombie movie ever made.  Brian incorporated the fine art of creative brioche toast carving, creating a  fist coming out of a grave of finely prepared beef tartar paired with a watercress salad.

The process….

The final product:

Paired with


Our second main course was a Silence of the Lamb.  Lamb meatloaf with a yogurt-mint sauce prepared by me (Francine).

Not so aesthetically appealing but it did get eaten.

The pairing was a Greek white wine.

David presented his version of the film Ratatouille, following the actual Thomas Keller recipe developed for the film… here’s a nice video that melds a how-to recipe with some clips from the film:

Technically, it’s a Confit Byaldi

paired with a simple red table wine from the south of France

Next up was Tina’s dish, our 3rd main course representing  the conflict featured in the move The Help. Her dish was symbolic of “saucy, crabby white folks”: Filet Oscar

The prep work.

Here is what it looked like plated:

No meals complete without that last course called desert.

Richard imagined a play on French new wave film and a late night early morning breakfast with the likes of  Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Claude Chabrol in his creation of a decadent blueberry french toast paired with a steaming cup of coffee.

I would like to thank Andy, Lisa, Alicia, Brian, David, Tina, and Richard for another great FMC.  Thank you to the academy for generating this event.   I would also like to thank past participants and future participants for keeping this social foodie idea afloat.    Finally, A big thank you to all of you who continue to hold an interest in this ongoing blog in spite of the delays in posting.  Thank you to all and have a good night.

Episode #11 Color Theory: Previews

14 Mar

The trailer — details to follow.

Episode #11 Color Theory — Assignments

23 Feb

Geetha was responsible for supplying the hat, and for pulling names and assignments out of it… If you find the challenges difficult, it’s her fault. 😉

There will be some food restriction preferences on this one– please avoid beef, pork, and shellfish (regular fish are OK, but mollusks / crustaceans NOT)  If anything possibly shellfish-related is a critical ingredient to your dish, it’s not the end of the world — just make sure everyone knows, cause a shellfish allergy is involved.

Also, Richard will be photographing / documenting, and eating, but not cooking, so there will be 9 at the table.  Remember, small portions.  If you will be pairing wine as your beverage, one bottle is perfect.

Here are the assignments:

1. Prep-time Snacks & Cocktails: Lalit

Triadic secondary color chord: Your dish must be composed the 3 secondary colors: green, violet and orange.

So much time has passed that my memory is slipping.  I will post the photos of corresponding courses and add further details later if the artist of each course chooses to add additional information.  Bon Appetit

2. Appetizer: Francine
Contrast of temperature: Your dish must be composed of colors associated with warm and cool sensations.

I chose to make a cold gazepacho soup served with a spicey vegetarian blue corn masa tamale.  Here is what it looked like…..

The cold gazepacho soup was a soothing juxtaposition to the spicey blue corn masa tamale.

3. Main course #1:  JDavid

Contrast of light and dark :Your dish must be composed of one color (any color) in its purest form, along with tints (lighter variations) and shades (darker variations) of the color.
Contrasting primary, tint & shade
Amuse Bouche of what’s to come…..
Watermelon, cherry tomato and red beet…and for the main course:

Filet mignon paired with roasted red beet and polenta colored with beet juice.   Lamb chops were substituted for the filet mignon for those who could not eat beef.  This course was paired with a nice Rosso di Montalcino

4.  Main course #2: Alicia

Complementary contrast : Colors that are opposites on the 12-step color wheel are called complementary color pairs: yellow is the complement of violet, green is the complement of red, blue is the complement of orange, etc. Your dish must be composed of one or more pairs of complementary colors.

Complimentary contrast

Alicia constructed a multi-layered vegetarian lasagna paired with an amazing spring greens and tomato salad.

5. Side / Salad / Amuse: HilaryB

The illusion of transparency:  Your dish must use 3 or more colors to create an illusion of transparency. 2 parent colors seem to overlap, producing a 3rd color, a mixture of the parent colors.

6. Main course #3: Guy

 Make two colors look alike:  Your dish must be composed of 4 colors, where 2 colors appear the same on different background colors.

Two different colors (center squares) appear alike

7. Main course #4: Geetha

Triadic primary color chord: Your dish must be composed of the 3 primary colors: red, yellow and blue.
8. Dessert: Kiri

Make one color (X above) look like two different ones

Paired with a wonderful rosebud infused vodka

An amazing creative culinary experience.  A big thank you to Richard for developing the theme.


Announcing Episode #11: 3/10/12 “Color Theory”

21 Feb

Sign-up is open for the next event.  Comment below to confirm — we have four confirmed, and 4 more seats open for this one. We’ll convene Saturday evening, March 10, 2012.  The usual times: prep 5-7pm, etc.

For this dinner, by executive decree, we will forgo the usual polling process to choose the theme.  At the special request of RichardM, the FMC will be participating in a visual arts project involving color theory.   Participants will be randomly assigned one of the following for inspiration of their paired course:

  • complementary contrast: red/green; blue/orange; yellow/violet  (will provide list of complementary colors)
  • contrast of light and dark: one color in its purest form, along with tints (lighter variations) and shades (darker variations) of the color
  • contrast of temperature: colors associated with warm and cool sensations
  • triadic color chord: red/yellow/blue  (primary colors)
  • triadic color chord: green/orange/violet  (secondary colors)
  • illusion of transparency  (additive/subtractive color)
  • make one color look like two  (one color changes in appearance on 2 different background colors)
  • make two colors look alike  (two different colors appear to look the same on 2 different background colors)

Photographic (non-food) examples of the above concepts will be provided in a subsequent post.  The event will be documented for a project that Richard is working on — I’ll let him comment more on that.

Also, Francine has been updating the description of Episode #9 – World Peace, thank you all for your contributions of text!  Episode #10 The Oscar’s write up may coincide with the actual Oscars if we’re lucky.

#10 The Oscars pre-prep

10 Feb

I’m sure everyone has been scheming wildly:)

Remember, before schlepping ingredients or equipment with you to the ADVentureLoft™, check the Batterie de Cuisine list to see if we already have what you need — especially pantry items, spices, oil, etc.  If you have a question, or need something we don’t have, send an email, text, leave a comment here, or better yet, give one of us a ring… We’ll be taking a walk in the late morning to Chinatown, Whole Foods, etc.  We’re happy to pick up anything you might need.

Oh, should we announce the movies we’re cooking in advance?

2/11/12 Episode #10… The Oscars: line-up & course assignments

30 Jan

OK… Oscars it is.  Dishes & drinks will be cinema-inspired — it doesn’t have to be a current film, or even an Oscar winner.  Just somehow movie-related.  Fate, by way of a hat and little pieces of paper with names on them, has determined the course assignments:  You choose the movie, you chose the dish, you chose the pairing.  Switching will be allowed, both parties agreeing.   I’m posting a vague schedule, just so people can plan their prep-timing, but you know how it is… the best laid plans…

8 courses:

5pm: ADVentureLoft open and ready for prep (earlier if necessary)

  • 6pm: Prep-time snacks & cocktail: Andy
  • 7pm: Appetizer: Lisa
  • 7:30pm: Soup: Richard
  • 8pm: 1st Main: Brian
  • 8:30pm: 2nd Main: Francine
  • 9pm: Side dish or salad: David
  • 9:30pm: 3rd Main: Tina
  • 10pm: Desert: Alicia

Amuse Bouche’s are open season — whenever they fit in.  Aim for fancy-restaurant / tapas-sized portions, ie: a recipe for 4 is usually plenty.  If your drink pairing is wine, one bottle usually suffices.  We’ll have bread for the table, and plenty of house-beverages if you’re extra-thirsty.

Down to the wire

27 Jan

Tie ballgame.  The poll has been revised to include only the top four choices.  Also, there are two seats left at the table.  Voting will remain open through the weekend.  Monday, polling closes.  Have at it.

Comment here to claim the last two seats of FMC episode #10.

2/11/12 Episode #10 Theme voting

18 Jan

Remember, themes are nominated by event participants, but ALL FMC members can vote.  Vote early, vote often.  You can vote for more than one theme.

Poll closes Jan 27th, or earlier if there’s a clear winner.

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