Meat projects #3 Chorizo (again) & #4 Salami

Bought 4 pork shoulders, bone-in, Pernil cut, from Western Beef on sale for 88¢/lb.  Broke them down last week from about 10lb each to a total yield of 24lbs trimmed and cubed.  Picked up some back fat from Pino, (why is is it called fatback? we don’t call a top hat a hattop).  Ground out 5lb for breakfast sausage, with fresh sage (from the roof), ginger, and maple sugar on thursday.  Didn’t realized we’d run out of sheep casings, so froze them in 1lb rolls for patties and ordered more casings.  Francine used a pound in the pressure cooker for some scrumptious Bolognese, which left 18lbs to go.  No way the meat locker will fit that much, so we started with a 5lb batch each of Spanish Chorizo and simple Salami.

Chorizo: Pretty much used the same recipe and ratios that came out so well last time. 5lb shoulder, salt, garlic, smoked paprika, cayenne, dextrose, DC cure #2.  Used the new Bactoferm T-SPX that I’ve been storing in the freezer… but only 3g.  The recipe in Charcuterie calls for WAY more of the Bactoferm F-RM-52, 20g, or a quarter cup!  Not sure how F-RM-52 starter translates to T-SPX.  On the T-SPX package it says that 25g is sufficient for 445lbs of meat.  The F-RM-52 insert says 25g can culture 220lb of meat.  Some sources say you’re supposed to use a minimum of ¼ of a package or about 6g.  The stuff isn’t cheap ($17/25g or $309/lb by my calculation), so I’m disinclined to waste it.  Last time the chorizo turned out just fine with obviously inactive T-SPX, so I’m not too worried.  Again, we left out the ground ancho chili pepper.  Ground through the 7.5mm plate instead of 6mm, and stuffed into hog casings.

Salami:  Straight-up used the recipe from Salumi, except I used only 3g of T-SPX instead of the 10g (1tbsp) of F-RM-52 for which the recipe calls.  Interestingly, the only seasoning in the mix is salt and pepper – no garlic, no herbs, no spices, nothing.  Who knew narrow beef middles smell so skanky?  About halfway stuffing the first salami, the casing split, so I just tied off there; luckily I’d loaded plenty of casing on the stuffer, so instead of making another short and then one normal-sized salami, I just made one really long one with the remainder.

I finished stuffing past midnight, and wanted to start the fermentation phase right away, so I put the trays with the chorizo and salami in the steam shower overnight.  I ran the steam to fog it up, and then set the showerhead to drip hot water slowly to keep the temps around 80F.  After clean-up I checked various surfaces in the steam room with the cheap-o IR laser thermometer (I love that thing), and they were 81F.  I checked again in the morning when I woke up – still 81F and foggy.

At the meat locker, I weighed the links, and set the controls.  I forgot the 600-mold at home, so I’ll bring it in Tuesday morning and spray them then.  Plan is to ferment for ~80h @75F & 90%RH, ‘till Wednesday morning, then start drying & curing.  Here are the weights and dates:


  • Chorizo1:  260g
  • C2:             250g
  • C3:             670g
  • C4:             1180g
  • Ctotal:      2360g
  • Salami1:   800g
  • S2:            1710g
  • Stotal:     2510g

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