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Episode #14 assignments & theme.

9 Mar

Theme nominations have been trickling in.  We’re going to have a quick poll, and we’ve already drawn straws for courses — all we need is a theme.  Here is the cast and the courses:

  • 6pm: Prep-time snacks & cocktail: FrancineO
  • 7pm: Appetizer: NinaG
  • 7:30pm: Soup: Reid
  • 8pm: 1st Main: RichardM
  • 8:30pm: 2nd Main: JDavid
  • 9pm: Small dish or salad: Alicia
  • 9:30pm: 3rd Main : LisaS
  • 10pm: Desert: BrianH

And here’s the poll:

We’ll announce the winning theme monday.

Episode #12 Tar Beach course assignments

7 Jul

Utilizing a complex non-random algorithm consisting of Dow Jones Industrial vapor line trends for the last decade of thursdays, cross-referenced with Global periwinkle production figures and migratory waterfowl attrition biases, we have derived the following assignments for Episode #12:

Staging + Prep-time Cocktails & Snacks, served @ the ADVentureLoft™ (10th floor) from 5:30-6:30: Francine & David

Snacks consisting of spicey pecans and vegetable spring rolls served with a white or red sangria.

while everyone gathered and prepped.

From there, we’ll gather whatever cooking gear, ingredients, glasses, & serving-ware we’ll need from the loft at which time we will ascend to our own Tar Beach on the roof… Each of next 4 courses will consist of

[A portioned (ie. plated) dish + A passed dish served family-style + An accompanying beverage]

For timing purposes, we’ll aim for serving the 1st main course ~7pm, and each course served 30 minutes or so thereafter.  For each course, plan on providing drinks, portioned + family-style servings for 12 diners– we’re only 11, but you never know when a mystery guest may stop by.  And good news, there’s room on Tar Beach for us to all sit together — no kids table!

1st main course:  Caroline & Stuart

Shishito peppers and……

chicken satay served with an ice cold sapporo beer.

2nd main course: Suzanne & Kent

grilled pizza topped with a sizzling sunny side-up egg paired with a summertime margarita.

3rd main course: Valeria & Ken

Fresh oysters paired with po boy sandwich.

Dessert course: Cassie & David

Key lime pie with watermelon sorbet.

As usual, amuse-bouche’s are open season and always welcome.  Declare any dining allergies / restrictions to the comments of this post, and contact me with queries regarding ingredients and equipment that we already have on hand (check the Batterie de Cuisine page too).

See everyone soon.

2/11/12 Episode #10… The Oscars: line-up & course assignments

30 Jan

OK… Oscars it is.  Dishes & drinks will be cinema-inspired — it doesn’t have to be a current film, or even an Oscar winner.  Just somehow movie-related.  Fate, by way of a hat and little pieces of paper with names on them, has determined the course assignments:  You choose the movie, you chose the dish, you chose the pairing.  Switching will be allowed, both parties agreeing.   I’m posting a vague schedule, just so people can plan their prep-timing, but you know how it is… the best laid plans…

8 courses:

5pm: ADVentureLoft open and ready for prep (earlier if necessary)

  • 6pm: Prep-time snacks & cocktail: Andy
  • 7pm: Appetizer: Lisa
  • 7:30pm: Soup: Richard
  • 8pm: 1st Main: Brian
  • 8:30pm: 2nd Main: Francine
  • 9pm: Side dish or salad: David
  • 9:30pm: 3rd Main: Tina
  • 10pm: Desert: Alicia

Amuse Bouche’s are open season — whenever they fit in.  Aim for fancy-restaurant / tapas-sized portions, ie: a recipe for 4 is usually plenty.  If your drink pairing is wine, one bottle usually suffices.  We’ll have bread for the table, and plenty of house-beverages if you’re extra-thirsty.

Down to the wire

27 Jan

Tie ballgame.  The poll has been revised to include only the top four choices.  Also, there are two seats left at the table.  Voting will remain open through the weekend.  Monday, polling closes.  Have at it.

Comment here to claim the last two seats of FMC episode #10.

Episode #10 announced — open for sign-up and theme nominations

16 Jan

FMC Episode #10 will be held on Saturday, Feb 11th.  We’re going to limit to 8 people total .  Since Francine & I will both be there, that means the first 6 to confirm are in.  Hopefully with a smaller cast we can have more frequent episodes and more people can participate.  [Another idea we can toss around is to have some less ambitious mid-week school-night episodes with 6 people total. — thoughts?].

Confirm you’ll be coming with a comment on this post nominating the theme you’d like to see cooked.  If you don’t see a theme in the list to nominate, you can make up a new one.

01/07/12 Episode #9 theme and assignments:

28 Dec

Well, voting in the poll yielded a tie between “World Peace”, and “Foods We Feel Sorry For”.  Placing the two themes in a hat, and asking the lovely (and impartial) SarahL to do the drawing after work, I’m excited to announce that the theme for Episode #9 will be….

All we are saying...

“World peace:  Various regional cuisines are written on cards and placed in a hat, then for each course, two are drawn which must be combined to inspire one dish.”

That meant we had a lot more drawing to do: Ten names to assign the course sequence, and then twenty Countries/Regions to match up as the inspiration for each course.  After an exhausting session of post-it notes and a hat, here’s what we’ve got:

  • Thai + Afghani: Prep-time Snacks and Cocktails – JoannaM
  • Morrocan + German: Appetizer – LaurantL
  • French + Mexican:  Soup – NinaG
  • Chinese + Greek:  Main #1 – JDavid
  • Italian + Tanzanian:  Amuse Bouche – KiriM
  • Iranian + Spanish:  Main #2 – PJ
  • British + Korean:  Side / Salad – Francine
  • Indian + Norwegian:  Main #3 – Guy
  • Jamaican + Japanese:  Main #4 – CassieA
  • Ethiopian + Ukranian:  Dessert – MarcJ

Whew.  Remember, courses are paired with a beverage — but the cuisines must be combined in the dish — not simply Kung Bao Chicken + a Greek wine… prepare smallish plates and portions — we’re 10, pretend you’re cooking for 6 and we’ll still have plenty.  Assignments can be swapped.

Speak up if you’ve got dietary restrictions, phobias, or allergies.

On the day of the event, we’re typically out doing a shopping run in the morning, so call or text if you need any last-minute ingredients or equipment.  The AdventureLoft™ will be available starting the late afternoon for prep.  Full details here.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

01/07/12 Episode #9 theme voting

14 Dec

The table is full!  Quite the response, I must say.  Well, here’s the line-up — in no particular order (course assignments will be determined at a later date):

Francine, JDavid, NinaG, MarcJ, JoannaM, LaurentL, CassieA, PJ, KiriM, Guy

While theme nominations can only be submitted by episode participants (still not to late to suggest ’em), voting is open to all FMC members.   So vote early, vote often.  Voting will close and the winning theme announced by Dec 28th, or sooner if there is a clear people’s choice.


By the way, on an administrative note, thanks to a generous anonymous donor, the FMC blog is now advertisement-free.  Yeah!

Episode #8 10/29/2011

16 Oct

Treats and Tricks… Tricks and Treats.  It’s Halloween weekend.  For the first trick (there will be more)… pulling names out of a hat:

We’ve got 12 people at the table(s).  Since 12 courses would be a bit much, and since everyone is signed up as a pair, we’re going to assign a course to each pair.  Here’s how they came up:

  • Snacks/Appetizer + Cocktail: Ken & Vale
  • 1st course:  Francine & David
  • 2nd course:  Caroline & Stuart
  • 3rd course:  Jim & Celeste
  • 4th course:  Alicia & Richard
  • Dessert:  Lisa & Brian

Each pair will be co-creating a Halloween-themed (interpreted as you wish) dish + paired beverage.  Portion sizes should be a tad larger than our usual dainty (ha!) 8-course tasting events.  Cooking for 12, I’d recommend scaling the recipe for 6 to 8 and that should be about right.  We’ll open for prep anytime starting late afternoon — let’s shoot for Cocktails @ 7pm, 1st course @ ~8pm, etc.

Photos from Episode #8 are here!

The game is on

18 Jun

After a brief discussion with David on the phone this afternoon we decided to design the beach feed me collective in this way.  Everyones name is placed in a hat, kids included, and five teams of three will be randomly drawn.  Each team will randomly be assigned one of five courses: appetizer, salad, a main course of which there will be two, or desert. Tentatively, we will plan on the event being held on Thursday June 23rd.

Each team should think up a team name related to the beach theme.  If you don’t like the course you are assigned you may switch with another team but all team members must agree on the switch.  Everyone must participate.  Collaboration with one another is allowed.  Remember this is suppose to be fun!!!

Roll of the drum…….here are the teams

Team #1:  Main Course

David, Mark, and Rene

Team #2: Main Course

Shawn, Nathan, and Lucky

Team #3: Appetizers

Cheryl, Matthew, and Helen

Team #4: Desert

Francine, Harry, and Caileanna

Team #5: Salad

Frank, Michelle, and Nick

April 30th winning theme & course assignments

15 Apr

When 6 of the 8 participants nominate the same theme, is it really worthwhile to put it to a poll?

Didn’t think so.  The South it is.

Episode #6: The South will rise again: Southern and soul food inspired dishes.

SarahL & I drew the names out of an official Georgia Bulldogs baseball cap this morning.


  • Snacks & Cocktails: CarolineB
  • Appetizer: JimK
  • 1st Course: SarahL
  • 2nd Course: FrancineO
  • 3rd Course: JDavid
  • 4th Course: DavidP
  • 5th Course: StuartC
  • Dessert: LiamP

The AdventureLoft™ officially will be for prep by 5:00pm (earlier works too), cocktail hour (with snacks) is from 6:30-7:30, and we’ll aim to serve the appetizer course between 7:30-8pm.

Check out the details page for, well, more details, and the Batterie de cuisine page for what we gots to work with.  See y’all then!

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