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Episode #13 Assignments

5 Feb

We’ve got a big crowd for this one, so we’re going to have some teaming up.  If anyone wants to switch or co-ordinate courses, make the arrangements and post your intentions in the comments.  Also, post here if anyone has food allergies, or phobias, or things you don’t eat.

  • 6pm: Prep-time snacks & cocktail: Rod
  • 7pm: Appetizer: JDavid
  • 7:30pm: Soup: Courtney
  • 8pm: 1st Main + Side: Suzanne & Kent
  • 8:30pm  Small dish or salad: Hilary
  • 9pm: 2nd Main + Side: Valeria & Ken
  • 10pm: Desert: Francine

In addition, we have two guests from out-of-town, one from France, and one from Italy.  They will each be responsible for an amuse bouche (or beverage) to be presented whenever they like, between the above courses.

Dishes for this 13th episode of the FMC should be somehow reference or be inspired by superstition, rituals, etc.  How you interpret that is limited only by your imagination.  Plan on small portions, even for the main courses, and remember — the courses (except for the amuses) are served with a paired beverage.  There may be some surprise guests, so plan on being able to serve 12 portions.  We’re going to have a lot of plates and glasses to flip between courses, so anyone not cooking, be sure to help out with the service.  Any questions about what to expect, check out this post, or prior episodes.  The equipment list has been updated, too.  See you all in a couple weeks!

Finally, we’re back!!

28 Jan

For whatever reason it’s been a busy season since our last post and we are indeed still a bit behind in our updates of past events.  In order not to delay any longer we’ve decided to put out an event for February 16th.  You know the routine.  Lets round up a cast of characters and banter about a theme.

Looking forward to renewing the FMC in 2013.


Episode #12 Tar Beach course assignments

7 Jul

Utilizing a complex non-random algorithm consisting of Dow Jones Industrial vapor line trends for the last decade of thursdays, cross-referenced with Global periwinkle production figures and migratory waterfowl attrition biases, we have derived the following assignments for Episode #12:

Staging + Prep-time Cocktails & Snacks, served @ the ADVentureLoft™ (10th floor) from 5:30-6:30: Francine & David

Snacks consisting of spicey pecans and vegetable spring rolls served with a white or red sangria.

while everyone gathered and prepped.

From there, we’ll gather whatever cooking gear, ingredients, glasses, & serving-ware we’ll need from the loft at which time we will ascend to our own Tar Beach on the roof… Each of next 4 courses will consist of

[A portioned (ie. plated) dish + A passed dish served family-style + An accompanying beverage]

For timing purposes, we’ll aim for serving the 1st main course ~7pm, and each course served 30 minutes or so thereafter.  For each course, plan on providing drinks, portioned + family-style servings for 12 diners– we’re only 11, but you never know when a mystery guest may stop by.  And good news, there’s room on Tar Beach for us to all sit together — no kids table!

1st main course:  Caroline & Stuart

Shishito peppers and……

chicken satay served with an ice cold sapporo beer.

2nd main course: Suzanne & Kent

grilled pizza topped with a sizzling sunny side-up egg paired with a summertime margarita.

3rd main course: Valeria & Ken

Fresh oysters paired with po boy sandwich.

Dessert course: Cassie & David

Key lime pie with watermelon sorbet.

As usual, amuse-bouche’s are open season and always welcome.  Declare any dining allergies / restrictions to the comments of this post, and contact me with queries regarding ingredients and equipment that we already have on hand (check the Batterie de Cuisine page too).

See everyone soon.

Announcing FMC event #12: Tar Beach

1 Jul

We have a date.  We have a theme.  It’s summer.  It’s too hot to invoke the democratic process.  So here’s the 411:

Inspiration:  To you it’s a rooftop.  To us it’s Saint-Tropez.  The spirit of the Tar Beach dinner is that we’re stuck.  But we’re making the best of it.  We will employ ingenuity and use only what’s available here in the city.  It’s summer.  It’s hot.  Nothing exotic.  Nothing fancy.  Simple, fresh, easy.  Let’s show those fancy-pants jet-setting globetrotters that we can have a kick-ass meal infusing ordinary ingredients with a boatload of creativity.

image poached from Faith Ringgold’s book (click image to go to Amazon and check out the book)

Date:  Saturday July 21, Rain date: Sunday July 22.

Location: The ADVentureLoft™ Rooftop.

Our Tar Beach

Time: 5:30pm for Cocktails & snacks during prep at the ADVentureLoft™.

The kitchen downstairs will be available all afternoon for prep, but we’ll head up to the roof around 6pm where all you’ll have available is a gas grill, a Paella pan and burner (can be used as a griddle), a crock pot, any electric appliance you want to carry, a cold water sink, a VERY small fridge, some coolers filled with ice, whatever knives, cutting boards, tools, pots and pans you want to bring upstairs… and your wits.

We’ll cap attendance at 10… once we have the roster, courses will be assigned… we may doubled up on some, and/or we’ll stick to VERY small portions, or incorporate a couple of assigned amuse bouches just so there isn’t an obscene amount of food.

Post your intentions in the comments to this post.  First 8 to commit are in.

Announcing Episode #11: 3/10/12 “Color Theory”

21 Feb

Sign-up is open for the next event.  Comment below to confirm — we have four confirmed, and 4 more seats open for this one. We’ll convene Saturday evening, March 10, 2012.  The usual times: prep 5-7pm, etc.

For this dinner, by executive decree, we will forgo the usual polling process to choose the theme.  At the special request of RichardM, the FMC will be participating in a visual arts project involving color theory.   Participants will be randomly assigned one of the following for inspiration of their paired course:

  • complementary contrast: red/green; blue/orange; yellow/violet  (will provide list of complementary colors)
  • contrast of light and dark: one color in its purest form, along with tints (lighter variations) and shades (darker variations) of the color
  • contrast of temperature: colors associated with warm and cool sensations
  • triadic color chord: red/yellow/blue  (primary colors)
  • triadic color chord: green/orange/violet  (secondary colors)
  • illusion of transparency  (additive/subtractive color)
  • make one color look like two  (one color changes in appearance on 2 different background colors)
  • make two colors look alike  (two different colors appear to look the same on 2 different background colors)

Photographic (non-food) examples of the above concepts will be provided in a subsequent post.  The event will be documented for a project that Richard is working on — I’ll let him comment more on that.

Also, Francine has been updating the description of Episode #9 – World Peace, thank you all for your contributions of text!  Episode #10 The Oscar’s write up may coincide with the actual Oscars if we’re lucky.

Episode #10 announced — open for sign-up and theme nominations

16 Jan

FMC Episode #10 will be held on Saturday, Feb 11th.  We’re going to limit to 8 people total .  Since Francine & I will both be there, that means the first 6 to confirm are in.  Hopefully with a smaller cast we can have more frequent episodes and more people can participate.  [Another idea we can toss around is to have some less ambitious mid-week school-night episodes with 6 people total. — thoughts?].

Confirm you’ll be coming with a comment on this post nominating the theme you’d like to see cooked.  If you don’t see a theme in the list to nominate, you can make up a new one.

Announcing Episode #9: 01/07/12

14 Dec

Yes, we’re now in the throes of the holiday season, but soon it will be over.  We’ve got a FMC date picked for when they’ve past…

Jan. 7th.  Saturday.  2012.  Check your calendars.

Back to the old format:  Eight people, each randomly assigned to cook and serve one of eight beverage-paired courses.

Have a look at the current list of theme ideas.  Sign up for the event and nominate a theme from the list, or suggest something new.  Once the table is filled, we’ll put up a poll of nominated themes, and resign ourselves to cook the will of the FMC at large.

I’m thinking: keep it simple.  Take a deep breath.  My theme nomination is:

Homage to Kozy Shack rice pudding (milk, rice, sugar, eggs, salt, vanilla): No dish can use more than six ingredients.

But I’m just one of 8.

PS: Spanish Chorizo is done (and delicious), which means the Meat Locker is free for the time being if anyone wants to use it. Also, check out the Batterie de Cuisine, there have been a few purchases and acquisitions: knives, cavatelli maker, and a torchio press.  Available for your cooking pleasure.

Episode #8 10/29/2011

16 Oct

Treats and Tricks… Tricks and Treats.  It’s Halloween weekend.  For the first trick (there will be more)… pulling names out of a hat:

We’ve got 12 people at the table(s).  Since 12 courses would be a bit much, and since everyone is signed up as a pair, we’re going to assign a course to each pair.  Here’s how they came up:

  • Snacks/Appetizer + Cocktail: Ken & Vale
  • 1st course:  Francine & David
  • 2nd course:  Caroline & Stuart
  • 3rd course:  Jim & Celeste
  • 4th course:  Alicia & Richard
  • Dessert:  Lisa & Brian

Each pair will be co-creating a Halloween-themed (interpreted as you wish) dish + paired beverage.  Portion sizes should be a tad larger than our usual dainty (ha!) 8-course tasting events.  Cooking for 12, I’d recommend scaling the recipe for 6 to 8 and that should be about right.  We’ll open for prep anytime starting late afternoon — let’s shoot for Cocktails @ 7pm, 1st course @ ~8pm, etc.

Photos from Episode #8 are here!

April 30th winning theme & course assignments

15 Apr

When 6 of the 8 participants nominate the same theme, is it really worthwhile to put it to a poll?

Didn’t think so.  The South it is.

Episode #6: The South will rise again: Southern and soul food inspired dishes.

SarahL & I drew the names out of an official Georgia Bulldogs baseball cap this morning.


  • Snacks & Cocktails: CarolineB
  • Appetizer: JimK
  • 1st Course: SarahL
  • 2nd Course: FrancineO
  • 3rd Course: JDavid
  • 4th Course: DavidP
  • 5th Course: StuartC
  • Dessert: LiamP

The AdventureLoft™ officially will be for prep by 5:00pm (earlier works too), cocktail hour (with snacks) is from 6:30-7:30, and we’ll aim to serve the appetizer course between 7:30-8pm.

Check out the details page for, well, more details, and the Batterie de cuisine page for what we gots to work with.  See y’all then!

Episode #6: April 30th, 2011 is now open

4 Apr

Step right up!  We’re on a roll.  Farmer’s market is starting to kick in, spring is in the air.

Post a comment, or send me an email, or call, or somehow otherwise let me know if you’re coming.  Either grab an idea from this page, or invent your own, but please nominate a theme when you sign up.  As soon as we have a few people & theme nominations, I’ll post up a poll, and everyone can have their vote on the theme.  I’ve also posted a page for Episode #6 in the “upcoming” menu above.

Just to start the ball rolling, I’m gonna nominate:

  • Each participant is assigned a course, they chooses a dish/recipe/idea, those go in a hat, and are re-distributed randomly; ie: someone else cooks your idea.
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