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Fire – What’s behind the flame…

8 Feb

First of all i would like to say thank you to our hosts Francine & JDavid for having invited Jo and me to that amazing evening.

I spent an exceptional evening, meeting very nice people, eating delicious meals and drinking very good wines.

When Joanna told me about the FMC and asked me if I wanted to come, I immediatly said Yes. Because I thought it would be nice to meet Francine & JDavid again and because i found the Idea of the FMC very good. The only problem was that I don’t really know how to cook, but anyway I was sure that with practice, I could do it.

When I saw my theme – The Fire -, the first picture I had in my mind was this waiter in an old Parisian Bistrot “La poule au pot” who flambéed a dish at the table next to mine for people who ordered one. So I looked for its menu and saw it was called “noix de Saint-Jacques flambée au cognac” (scallops flambéed with Cognac), so I googled it to find the recipe. I found a easy and quick meal to prepare and it sounded very delicious. The day after, I bought the scallops and the crème fraiche for training. We already had the other ingredients : shallots, garlic, salt, pepper, parsley, white wine and whiskey (this can be substituted for Cognac). This try was very good. I trained three other times, for being ready but also because I like to eat this meal.

Saturday evening, I had a choice between Cognac and Armagnac. After tasting both I decided to use the Armagnac. So the definitive recipe was “Scallops flambéed with Armagnac”. For the vegetable, we used snow peas and Joanna had the idea to put them like a star in the plate for having a beautiful presentation. Honestly, I was a little nervous about the flame because I had to use more alcohol than I used when I practiced. The flame was very big but by chance I didn’t burn the whole  kitchen.


I picked a Chablis for the wine because it’s better to eat the scallops with a dry or very dry white wine. You’re going to find soon the complete recipe in  Joanna’s Blog Parboiled.

Thanks again to everybody for their kindness and the amazing meals that they cooked.  I would really love  to come again when I’ll be back to NYC.

noix de Saint-Jacques flambée au Armagnac

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