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Fish Sticks

5 Mar

For episode 4 I picked Fish Sticks. The challenge was to do haute 70s food, but fish sticks are 50s food. So I decided to modify the Nobu Black Cod recipe that made its debut in the 90s. It averaged out to the 70s!

I used the epicurious website for the recipe for the marinade. Mirin, white miso, sake, and sugar over black cod. I only had time to let it sit overnight.

You need tarter sauce with fish sticks, so I made Meyer lemon mayonnaise (Meyer lemons approximate yuzu IMHO). I’d wanted to put chopped ginger in the mayo to replace the pickles in the tartar sauce, but it was unpleasantly lumpy. I decided to put it on the side of the dish, but I completely forgot about the ginger when we plated.

The nice fragrance of Meyer lemons wasn’t apparent in the mayo, so I made a Meyer lemon oil using Meyer lemon zest and canola oil. I blended for about 5 minutes in a Vitamix, strained the oil through a cheesecloth, incorporated about a cup of the infusion into the mayo, and saved some Meyer lemon oil to add directly to the fish at the end.

When we got to David’s place, I wiped off the marinade, cut up the fish into fish sticks, brushed with a little extra marinade, then breaded with panko (flour, egg wash, panko).

I baked on parchment for a bit too long, 25 minutes, so the fish melted a bit. I think I may have been able to get away with 10-15 minutes. It’s tricky because the breadcrumbs don’t brown after 10 minutes, but if you wait too long then the fish melts. Maybe next time I’ll brush the breadcrumbs with oil. The flavor was there, though.

To finish, I plated one fish stick, a squirt of the Meyer lemon oil directly onto the fish, and a dollop of Meyer lemon mayo on the side.

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