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EZ username sign-up instructions:

17 Jan

Click on this link:

Review the instructions.  When you get to step #6, you’ll be selecting “Just a username, please.” (see below)

“6.) Select whether you want a blog or just a username. “Just a username” is for people who want to comment on specific WordPress blogs, but not create their own blog.

To actually sign up, follow this link:

Then email me your username, I’ll authorize you to post, and then this blog can really start to roll.

The enemy of good,

16 Jan

…is better.  And I think I’ve got this blog-thingie here set up good enough to get started.  Please, y’all… git a username registered on wordpress, and let me know what it is so I can put you on the list to author posts and comments to this blog.  I think the logistics are going to be a lot easier to manage if we do it all through one centralized site, rather than via email.


What’s for dinner?


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