Welcome to summer

30 Jun

Hello Feed Me Collective.  It’s been a while, and frankly, we’re getting hungry.  It’s almost July, and people have either scattered to the Hamptons, or are quagmired in The City.  We’ve been traveling some, but are hunkered down now for the duration.  Delerious from the heat, we’re brainstorming an upcoming FMC event… stay tuned.

In other news, The FMC has invested in an intriguing Kickstarter project that promises to bring sous vide to the masses.  Well, to those with limited kitchen acreage, anyway.  The idea is the Nomiku, and we’ve slapped down 3 Benjamins to reserve a unit from the first production run.  Delivery is slated for December… right in time for next season.

And yes:  We have been remiss is posting the Color Theory dinner photos and menu.  A quick update, Richard M’s sabbatical book project should have been submitted, from what I’ve heard it’s awesome, and we will all be famous when it’s published.


One Response to “Welcome to summer”

  1. thatgirl June 30, 2012 at 9:49 pm #

    thanks for the love on R’s book–it is, indeed, submitted for initial copy and layout. two more rounds by august, and it’s done (but those rounds will be less traumatizing than the first!). we promise to link everyone to the pages as soon as we can; it was a nice moment to read the FMC tribute in the acknowledgements–those who took part deserve many thanks for their beautiful contributions. your work will be translated into four languages initially!

    and we’re so on board with the Nomiku chez nous! looks like we have a sous vide episode in the making!

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