2/11/12 Episode #10… The Oscars: line-up & course assignments

30 Jan

OK… Oscars it is.  Dishes & drinks will be cinema-inspired — it doesn’t have to be a current film, or even an Oscar winner.  Just somehow movie-related.  Fate, by way of a hat and little pieces of paper with names on them, has determined the course assignments:  You choose the movie, you chose the dish, you chose the pairing.  Switching will be allowed, both parties agreeing.   I’m posting a vague schedule, just so people can plan their prep-timing, but you know how it is… the best laid plans…

8 courses:

5pm: ADVentureLoft open and ready for prep (earlier if necessary)

  • 6pm: Prep-time snacks & cocktail: Andy
  • 7pm: Appetizer: Lisa
  • 7:30pm: Soup: Richard
  • 8pm: 1st Main: Brian
  • 8:30pm: 2nd Main: Francine
  • 9pm: Side dish or salad: David
  • 9:30pm: 3rd Main: Tina
  • 10pm: Desert: Alicia

Amuse Bouche’s are open season — whenever they fit in.  Aim for fancy-restaurant / tapas-sized portions, ie: a recipe for 4 is usually plenty.  If your drink pairing is wine, one bottle usually suffices.  We’ll have bread for the table, and plenty of house-beverages if you’re extra-thirsty.

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