01/07/12 Episode #9 theme voting

14 Dec

The table is full!  Quite the response, I must say.  Well, here’s the line-up — in no particular order (course assignments will be determined at a later date):

Francine, JDavid, NinaG, MarcJ, JoannaM, LaurentL, CassieA, PJ, KiriM, Guy

While theme nominations can only be submitted by episode participants (still not to late to suggest ’em), voting is open to all FMC members.   So vote early, vote often.  Voting will close and the winning theme announced by Dec 28th, or sooner if there is a clear people’s choice.


By the way, on an administrative note, thanks to a generous anonymous donor, the FMC blog is now advertisement-free.  Yeah!

One Response to “01/07/12 Episode #9 theme voting”

  1. jdavidar December 20, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    As of today (12/20), there is a 3-way tie… Voting is still open ’till the 28th. Anyone can vote.

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