FMC goes to the beach; June 23 2011

23 Oct

Well I hope everyone has had a great summer.  It’s hard to believe that we are just a few weeks away from daylight savings and turning back the clocks to head into another winter season.  The extraordinary delay in our posting the FMC beach extravaganza, I am happy to say, is reflective of another adventurous summer time tale.

Our beach time FMC was a great way to share some family fun.  Everyone’s eagerness to participate in the evenings events will become clear in the photos that follow.

But just in case you had some idea that we weren’t taking this seriously:

I hope that notion will be completely washed away by the R& D that went into this event the days beforehand….

Just to lighten things up a bit someone thought about bringing along the skinny girl from Long Island

ideas and recipes pulled together we’re ready to get rolling; lucky for us we had a big enough working space to let everyone get in on the mix at once.

As you may or may not remember, we had divided up into five teams of three; each assigned to a course of appetizers, salad, main course (of which there were two), and desert. .  I had encouraged everyone to come up with a beach theme team name.  Here are the outcomes.

Team #3: Appetizers were assigned to the sand pipers and consisted of a recipe of mango salsa substituting the mango for an abundant  local flavor of peaches

The final product

The Sandpipers

Next up the first main course with team #2: the High Tide Drifters but first some prep work to do…FOCUS

Putting the pieces together and everyone lending a hand

Just remembering to have some fun

Ready to do some grilling but wait….where’s my taste test?

First main course coming right up.

Thanks to the High Tide Drifters: Pineapple and shrimp and chicken skewers (got to remember the kids you know).

Seafood seemed to be the beach theme give away with some minor variations to accommodate the palate of our younger guests.  The second main course was a combination of two recipes.

Fresh caught cod, compliments of my father’s spring Maine fishing trip, brought in from Pennsylvania and incorporated into my sister’s dish of cod with a pesto sauce.

The other half of the plate was grilled scallops with homemade aioli (with “chicken scallop” substitution for the kids).  A recipe researched extensively by my brother prior to the execution.

The kids “chicken scallop” substitution

Can you tell the difference?

Everyone lent a hand in pulling it together

Just having fun

Oh the culinary lessons he is learning

The grilling

The line up

about those green beans….

contribution of the master of presentation

and apparently recruitment

the final product:

Bravo  Team Sunset

Next up: Salad

Hey where is  the apple in that salad?

Thank you team Viciousandelicious.

and finally dessert…..compliments of noone else but the lovely Ms.Caileanna

That’s right……homemade chocolate pudding and whipped creame with fresh strawberries and cinnamon pita chips.

Thank you beach monkies

What stands out most to me in our FMC beach foodie event is the way in which everyone pulled together to make this such a fun filled evening.  Everyone gathered around the kitchen, got their hands in the mix, and made things happen from beginning to end.

It is with heartfelt gratitude that I thank my family for taking a sincere interest in a passion that David and I share.  I can only hope that you had as much fun as we shared with you.

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