Episode #8 10/29/2011

16 Oct

Treats and Tricks… Tricks and Treats.  It’s Halloween weekend.  For the first trick (there will be more)… pulling names out of a hat:

We’ve got 12 people at the table(s).  Since 12 courses would be a bit much, and since everyone is signed up as a pair, we’re going to assign a course to each pair.  Here’s how they came up:

  • Snacks/Appetizer + Cocktail: Ken & Vale
  • 1st course:  Francine & David
  • 2nd course:  Caroline & Stuart
  • 3rd course:  Jim & Celeste
  • 4th course:  Alicia & Richard
  • Dessert:  Lisa & Brian

Each pair will be co-creating a Halloween-themed (interpreted as you wish) dish + paired beverage.  Portion sizes should be a tad larger than our usual dainty (ha!) 8-course tasting events.  Cooking for 12, I’d recommend scaling the recipe for 6 to 8 and that should be about right.  We’ll open for prep anytime starting late afternoon — let’s shoot for Cocktails @ 7pm, 1st course @ ~8pm, etc.

Photos from Episode #8 are here!

2 Responses to “Episode #8 10/29/2011”

  1. thatgirl October 16, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    yay! so to review, the theme is death, decay and destruction, right?

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