The game is on

18 Jun

After a brief discussion with David on the phone this afternoon we decided to design the beach feed me collective in this way.  Everyones name is placed in a hat, kids included, and five teams of three will be randomly drawn.  Each team will randomly be assigned one of five courses: appetizer, salad, a main course of which there will be two, or desert. Tentatively, we will plan on the event being held on Thursday June 23rd.

Each team should think up a team name related to the beach theme.  If you don’t like the course you are assigned you may switch with another team but all team members must agree on the switch.  Everyone must participate.  Collaboration with one another is allowed.  Remember this is suppose to be fun!!!

Roll of the drum…….here are the teams

Team #1:  Main Course

David, Mark, and Rene

Team #2: Main Course

Shawn, Nathan, and Lucky

Team #3: Appetizers

Cheryl, Matthew, and Helen

Team #4: Desert

Francine, Harry, and Caileanna

Team #5: Salad

Frank, Michelle, and Nick

One Response to “The game is on”

  1. greenernyc June 19, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    Love that the collective is going to the beach. Your NYC locked pals will need a full report!

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