4/30/11 Episode #6: the meal

1 May

Wow! This one was over the top, I must say.  This morning I figured out why the South hasn’t risen (again).  They’re too full. 😉

Snacks & Cocktails:

Bacon peanut brittle + Bourbon sweet tea

Cajun batter-fried okra and pickles, dipping sauce + Mint Juleps

Appetizer course:

Swamp Thing: Pan-fried Alligator with white wine sauce on a bed of alfalfa sprouts + Grillo, Caruso and Minini - 2008

1st course:

Turtle soup + La Ina very dry Sherry

2nd course:

Pulled pork, Spicy Chowchow, corn bread + Dogfish Head 90 minute Imperial IPA

amuse bouche:

Hoppin' John, buttermilk biscuits

3rd course:

Turducken, collard greens + Grasparossa di Castelvetro Lambrusco

4th course:

Jambalaya, batter-fried soft-shelled crab + Strawberry Abita Harvest Lager


Chocolate-pecan pie, hand-cranked vanilla ice cream + Chicory coffee


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