April 30th winning theme & course assignments

15 Apr

When 6 of the 8 participants nominate the same theme, is it really worthwhile to put it to a poll?

Didn’t think so.  The South it is.

Episode #6: The South will rise again: Southern and soul food inspired dishes.

SarahL & I drew the names out of an official Georgia Bulldogs baseball cap this morning.


  • Snacks & Cocktails: CarolineB
  • Appetizer: JimK
  • 1st Course: SarahL
  • 2nd Course: FrancineO
  • 3rd Course: JDavid
  • 4th Course: DavidP
  • 5th Course: StuartC
  • Dessert: LiamP

The AdventureLoft™ officially will be for prep by 5:00pm (earlier works too), cocktail hour (with snacks) is from 6:30-7:30, and we’ll aim to serve the appetizer course between 7:30-8pm.

Check out the details page for, well, more details, and the Batterie de cuisine page for what we gots to work with.  See y’all then!

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