Admin announcements

10 Apr

Coupla six things:

  1. If you were at Episode #5, Wonders of the World, could you please post/comment/send/text/email me just a few lines about your dish.  I’ve tried to update the event page (now digested) with the details that I remembered, but I’m sure I got some things wrong.
  2. We’ve got a few definite-maybe’s for Episode #6, April 30th; sign up, nominate a theme, and let’s get the show on the road.
  3. I updated the “Details – How we roll” page.  Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. Under the “About” menu, I’ve added a page called “The Library“.  The idea is that we’ve got a boatload of cookbooks sitting on a shelf, if anyone wants to borrow any of them, they’re available.  Feel free to volunteer any books from your cooking library.
  5. Also under the “About” menu, I’ve added a page called “The Meat Locker“.  Check it out; If anyone wants to avail themselves of this resource, let me know.  The pancetta should be ready by easter.
  6. OK, there were only five.

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