3/29/11 Batting clean-up

10 Apr

So HilaryB had to back out last minute and be a rock star, so we enlisted MichaelC to pinch hit.  Mike is a fantastic photographer, and I’ve linked his website on the “Friends of the Collective” link list over on the right, so check it out.  Anyway, he inherited the “Forgotten Modern Wonders” as inspiration.  We brainstormed a bit on the phone, and had to deal with some limitations, namely that he would be spending most of the day at the Javits Center at the Photography Show, and also that he “claimed” not to have much experience in the kitchen.

Since I didn’t have a proper course to prepare, I offered to cover some of his prep, and reassured him that there’d be plenty of help and coaching available, all he had to do for now was come up with the idea.  From his list of wonders, he zeroed in on the St. Louis Arch, and straight away, he mentioned Stan Musial, the forgotten St. Louis baseball great.  Yeah, baseball, spring, St. Louis… hmmm… Turns out I had a nice rack of ribs that DavidH had picked up for us on sale at Western Beef, which I could easily trim to St. Louis style.  From there we were off and running.

Mike also wanted something round and white… baseball-like; I suggested pickled pearl onions which would be easy since I’d have the vacuum pickler out for FrancineO’s pickled Fuji apples.

Pickling quick

I thought something sweet would be nice to tie into the next course which would be dessert, so we decided to rub and grill some fresh pineapple slices.

grilled spicy pineapple

St. Louis ribs are typically described as “saucy”, so I knew the finishing barbeque sauce needed to be authentic.  I found a recipe used in a restaurant in St. Louis (can’t find the link now), that used Dr. Pepper as an ingredient.  I picked up a can at the bodega across the street and checked that we had all the other ingredients.  I would rub, and slow cook the ribs on the roof,

It's almost roof season!

and then we would separate them, and finish them in the barbeque sauce on low heat.  Mike would be responsible for the sauce, and plating.

It's a hit!

For drinks, Mike suggested St. Louis original Budweiser, and since we had a few bottles of Brooklyn Brewery’s Pennant Ale already, I figured people could have a choice.  Mike used his super-hero photography skills to make a cool Stan Musial / St. Louis ribs baseball trading card, and did a great job explaining the whole concept of the dish.

Telling us about Stan the Man

I think it came out fantastic, and a great job by MichaelC!

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