3/19/2011 Episode #5: the food

3 Apr
Leaning tower of Pizza:Forgotten snack food from the Middle ages

Not forgotten snack food from the Middle ages

Phyllo-encrusted rock shrimp with seafood broth:

From the under-water world

Marinated beef salad:

Forgotten from the Medeval mind

Braised lamb with curried coconut cabbage, white rice, and pickled Fuji apple:

A forgotten natural world mountain of wonder

Greek sea bass:

A wonder from the ancient world

Tibetan vegetarian soup:

A natural wonder

St. Louis barbequed rib, grilled, spicy pineapple, pickled pearl onion, Stan Musial trading card:

Pinch hitting for the Forgotten Modern Wonders

Flourless chocolate cake:

Architecturally correct Modern wonder

Eight delicious courses… well-paired with beverages, I might add.  Please feel free to create a post explaining how your assigned wonder-category inspired your dish and pairing.  If it’s easier, just send it to me by email, and I’ll add some photos and post it here.

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