Admin updates

21 Feb

Brainstorming at the last event (it was awesome, more on that later), there was a clear desire to somehow link the Collective to Facebook.  Well, it wasn’t easy, nor intuitive, but I rolled my own html link, and it’s done.  There is now an official “The FMC” page on Facebook.  “Like” it, love it, hate it, or ignore it.  The “Wall” for “The FMC” Facebook page is auto-populated with new posts and comments to the blog.  Anything posted here at WordPress will appear on the “Wall” of the Facebook page within a few minutes.  The reverse is not true.  Comments posted to the Facebook FMC Wall (or “Discussion” area) will NOT automatically appear here on WordPress.

I think the Facebook (rhymes with “the Google”) is a probably a quicker way to get updates announced, and possibly more efficient for planning event logistics, but the WordPress blog excels as an archive for sure, and I also like the “poll” feature here for determining themes and choosing dates, etc.  I’ve activated the “Discussions”, “Events”, “Photos” and “Video” applications on the Facebook page.  Feel free to use them.  Any content posted to Facebook that should be archived on the blog I will cut and paste into WordPress.  We’ll see how things evolve in actual usage — after a while, if a certain feature isn’t being used, I’ll de-activate it so communication doesn’t get too fragmented.

To mind-meld into the Facebook FMC social network, simply click on the “FeedMe, LikeMe” linked image to the right, and it will magically take you to the Facebook page in a new window/tab.  There you can then select “Like” for the FMC Facebook page (if you’re a Facebook user you know what that means).  If you want instant notification of blog posts and comments, I still think the easiest way is to subscribe to the blog at wordpress (“FeedMe a Subscription” link on the right).  If someone wants SMS or RSS feeds, let me know; there are various ways of setting that up, including establishing a FMC twitter account and linking that in as well.

In other news:

  • Episode #5 on March 19th still has open spots.
  • We’ve had some theme idea submissions, the page has been reorganized and updated.
  • I’ve added a “Tag” cloud on the right — you can easily find posts that have been tagged for a specific event.
  • If you post to the blog and don’t assign categories or tags to your post, I’ll edit them in for you.
  • I also have been known to add links / photos to FMC members’ posts, as appropriate. — if I got it wrong, you can always re-edit you own posts, or if it was an email-cut-paste, let me know and I’ll make it right.
  • I periodically update and fine tune pages and links here on the blog, if anyone has suggestions how to make things better, easier, etc. let me know.
  • Batterie de cuisine is updated — Pressure cookers arriving today, and a big stand mixer is on the way.  If I’m gonna be making bread for these (and you know I want to) I can’t be spending half the day mixing and kneading.
  • When people sign up for an event, I’m gonna have them nominate a theme — you can choose one from the Theme Ideas page, or you can make one up.  From those nominations, the entire collective will be able to vote for the winner.

Stay tuned for the Episode #4 recap.

One Response to “Admin updates”

  1. francineo1 February 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    I would like to nominate…. Iron chefs: all courses must utilize the “secret” ingredient, which is divulged well in advance of the dinner for the March 19th feed me collective

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