Episode #5: March 19th, 2011 is now open

13 Feb

Check your calendars, and sign up by posting a comment here, or by letting me know by some other means.

I’ve been trying to streamline and optimize the blog’s header menus and sidebar.  The most recent additions are the “Feed Me a subscription” sidebar widget (up there on the right–>) that enables easy sign-up to get automatic email notification of new FMC posts, and the “Batterie de cuisine” page under the “About” menu (above) that lists all the cooking artillery we have that you shouldn’t have to bring.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for the site, and if you haven’t already, please register for a user name* with wordpress (and let me know what email you used) so I can enable you to post as an author… And (/or — at a minimum), please subscribe to the blog, so  you’ll be notified of new posts; like for instance, (hypothetically), when a new date is announced, so you don’t get all bummed out when it’s filled up before you’ve even heard about it.

*Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to the FMC blog using the “FeedMe a Subscription” widget on the right, and then…
  2. Follow this link, and Sign Up! for a username, and finally…
  3. Let me know the email address you used to register.



PS: Please let me know if ever you want to be off the FMC email distribution list… don’t worry, we’ll still be friends 🙂 .

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