Feb 19th winning theme & course assignments

10 Feb

Voting is closed, and the winning theme is:

Haute versions of seventies’ food

MabelC & I drew names out of a hat this morning with the following results:

  • MarcJ — Pre-meal Cocktail & snack
  • ReidA (randres7) — Appetizer course
  • NinaG (greenerNYC) — 2nd course: Tomato soup and grilled cheese
  • MabelC (chunglita) — 3rd course
  • JDavidR (jdavidrar) — 4th course: Tuna casserole
  • JimK — 5th course
  • DavidC (chungle) — 6th course
  • DavidP — 7th course
  • JudithH — Dessert


  • To avoid duplication, please post (or comment) announcing what 70’s food you’ll be using for inspiration, I’ll update the menu.
  • Course trading is allowed.  If you’ve arranged a switch, leave a comment and I’ll update the menu.
  • Participants assigned sequential courses can collaborate to plate them together (ie; protein + side).
  • Don’t feel obligated to precisely replicate 70’s food; the theme is only for inspiration.
  • Don’t forget to plan your beverage pairing.
  • Please give a heads-up if you’ll be tying up all 4 burners, or need the oven at 550 for 3 hours, etc. — if necessary, we can re-arrange the sequence.
  • Also, let everyone know if you have a food allergy or phobia, (you know, so we can make sure we have adequate epinephrine and benzodiazepines on hand).
  • We have plenty of cooking equipment, ingredients, spices, and serving-ware.  Post questions and requests regarding details or specific items you don’t see on the list.
  • Amuse bouches are welcome, encouraged, and completely open season.

One Response to “Feb 19th winning theme & course assignments”

  1. greenernyc February 11, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    Bring it!

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