Feb 5th, Chinese new year. Element:Air

8 Feb

Hi all.  I do indeed hope that everyone had as fabulous of a time as I.  What a great foodie experience. I am always amazed at the sense of creativity that all our friends seem to have.  I keep trying to discover mine…..read on…..

I must confess.  I stressed about this event exactly for one reason, my self proclaimed lack of creativity.  That side of my brain just doesn’t engage; subsequently, I was stumped from the beginning.  Then I took a few cues from J David and started the wheels turning.  I thought at first I would make miniature pizzas using yeast as the air element in creating the pizza dough.  Then I started tossing my idea around at work and a colleague who was a chef in another life piped up and suggested a souffle.  When I first started googling souffles and reading testimonies and recipes I thought to myself, I must be nuts taking this on. But after a trial run, yes I did practice, I was really sold on the idea of the souffle representing the element of air.  I wanted to keep it simple but have an element of savory hence the truffled goat cheese and truffled butter.  I figured if I failed with whipping the eggs into a perfect souffle at least the amazing flavor of the truffles would carry me through.

whipping eggs

From there I thought I would pair it with a sancere but David suggested I keep it simple. We both agreed that a bubbly champagne would be perfect. There you have it….

Now I’m looking forward to the next creative exploration.  I’ve decided I am going to challenge that side of my brain to work.   Let’s just call it a foodie adventure.   Thank you to everyone for making this a really special event.  I hope to see you all soon in the future.  Bon Appetite.

Goat cheese truffle soufflé

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