re: Official FMC Chef’s towels

7 Feb

So… the cat is out of the bag.  If you hadn’t noticed in the photos from episode #3, we now have personalized, embroidered chef’s towels / napkins:

Official FMC chef's towels

I want to issue a special FMC thank-you to Debbie McLaughlin, owner of  We put the order in only a week ago, and she went above and beyond to get our order completed by Feb 5th, and the towels are fantastic.  I have towels for everyone who has already participated in a dinner, or who has signed up for one (DavidH’s will be ordered in the next batch).  We’ll keep Debbie on retainer 😉 as the official embroiderer of the FMC, and we’ll order more as needed, and if she ever comes up our way we’ll cook her a nice dinner.  I’ve posted a link to her company over in the “Friends of the Collective” links — check out her site, and if you have any reason to have anything personalized or embroidered, we highly recommend her!

The towels are meant to be used, don’t be afraid to dirty ’em up.  They come clean in the wash, and any permanent stains will be worn with pride.

bring it on


One Response to “re: Official FMC Chef’s towels”

  1. Debbie McLaughlin February 15, 2011 at 10:00 pm #

    I’m so glad that everyone was pleased with their personalized towels. The FMC looks like a fun group and I hope to be able to collect on that meal someday.
    Oh, I wanted to tell you that the towels can be bleached.I don’t mean that you can let them soak in bleach for awhile, but you can certainly add some bleach when you wash them.

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