Feb 5: A favor to ask

7 Feb

I swear, this’ll be my last post for the day, but I have a favor to ask of those who participated in the Feb 5th dinner.  First off, a huge thanks to everyone for helping orchestrate an absolutely fantastic dinner.  Really, this is exactly what we envisioned the FMC could be… great food, drinks, company and fun.  While it’s intense at times when you’re at bat, or on deck, everyone was really helpful, and speaking personally, I feel like I’ve really gotten away with something — I ONLY had to prepare ONE dish… and I ate an EIGHT COURSE feast???? that just doesn’t seem fair!

Anyway, here’s the favor:  I would love to document here in the blog some of the details and back story to each of the dishes and pairings.  What exactly did you serve?  How did you choose what to cook based on the inspiration? Where did you find a recipe (if you used one)? Where did you source ingredients? What ideas did you reject? Did you practice? How did you choose your pairing? What would you do differently? There was a fair amount of conversation at the dinner along these lines, but honestly, I wasn’t party to it all, I didn’t take notes, and, well, I was drinking and don’t remember all the details 😉 .

When you have a moment, can you author a post to the FMC blog, or comment on this post, or even just send me an email, and I can cut & paste and post it for you.  I’ll keep the Feb 5th page updated with details (now moved from “Upcoming” to “Digested”).  I’m sure at least that I’ll get better descriptions of each course than what I wrote there.  By the way, also posted on that page is a link to the gallery with all the photos.  Special thanks to LaurentL and JoannaM for taking photos and sharing them freely with the Collective.  They’ve published two wonderful photography books available here. Their expertise is appreciated.  Check ’em out.

PS: Don’t forget to vote for the Feb. 19th theme!

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