Feb. 19th is full

21 Jan

One or two open seats for Feb 5th.

Several new authors — Thanks for signing up!  Please do not hesitate to submit posts… I’ve tried to set up categories to choose from which will help keep things organized.

Three new theme ideas added to the list: Theme ideas.

I’m really liking #14.  Thanks, Joanna.

Monday, we’ll start nailing down the details of the Feb 5th event.  There’s a way to run a poll here on this wordpress thingie.  I’ll figure that out and poll participants for the theme choice, and then we’ll have the drawing for the sequence.  So far, nominations for the theme are: #’s 8,9,14,15 & 16.

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  1. greenernyc January 21, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    theme idea: foods we feel sorry for. eg, http://www.frenchs.com/products/FrenchFriedOnions.php

    theme idea: haute versions of seventies’ staples (which is to say, how can you take a jello salad into 2011, and onto a Harold Dierterle menu?)

    theme idea: in honor of the oscars, film-inspired food. eg, The Sting inspires a stinging nettles soup (well, maybe in the spring) or Dr Strangelove inspires a Chocolate Bombe dessert.

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