#1 The origin

#1 Sat. Oct. 30, 2010

It was a whim.  Jim & Celeste visiting.  We were wandering around the farmer’s market.  Hilary was coming over for dinner — she wanted to try a pasta dish she had a taste for.  Something with bitter greens, if I recall.  No one had a clue what else to cook.  Divide and conquer.  Everyone picked a course, and we split up to gather ingredients.  Met back up at the ADVentureLoft™, and started cooking.  5 people, 5 courses.  The details have been lost in the sands of time:

  • Appetizer: Francine
  • Pasta: Hilary
  • Main course: David (I made duck 2-ways, if memory serves)
  • Salad: Celeste
  • Desert: Jim

No record of the prep or the meal 😦 but the meal was so good, and fun, and easy, that we got to thinkin’…

These are the only photos that remain.

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